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Hello Hello!!

As you seasoned Rough Road 100'rs you'll know the weather can be a total crap shoot and we've pretty much hit every end of the spectrum during our previous 7 editions! Maybe 2024 will be the year to coalesce and hang at the finish with some nice weather!?!?! Stay tuned and be prepared, last year was a doozy!


Quick notes for this year: 

Thanks to all those who helped spread the word and outreach to make this happen!! 


We're looking to have another bunch of new riders this year which is also awesome, so thanks to all of you who have helped encourage others to come out and experience the RR100. If you're an old pro and/or have done our event before, share a smile or a hello with those around you, let's keep this community welcoming for everyone. Let's do this!


Bike Number Plate attachment:

Please follow the below pics for securing number plates to your bike. This assures the timing system can get a read on your chip. This helps for both the start and the finish so we know who started and who may still be out on course.

Course Markings:

We have been told our course is marked very well, so if it ain't broke.... We have both signage and road markings, so be on the alert for signs leading up to turns and a turn confirmation sign as well. We also mark the road surface extensively with these types of markings. Note, you only see road markings where you need to turn, if you cross an intersection and there are no marks, keep going straight!



Course Links:

You can find links for both distances on this page!

This will take you to Ride with GPS, no login necessary, you'll see an export/upload button on the left, if you need something other than what you see, you can click the 3 dots for more options.


Course Alerts:


Follow social channels for more potential updates Friday as we set the course!


Get stoked, see you Saturday!!



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