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spring classic, midwest, cycling, gravel race, gravel grinder, USAC, road bike race, 100K race, Morris Illinois

Styled as a Spring Classic bike race/ride our course is friendly to nearly every style of bike and bike rider. This presents you with a fantastic opportunity to try something new. Courses stack up as 63% road to 37% gravel surface mixture for both 100K and 64K courses. If you're gravel curious, cycling curious, want to level up to your next distance, come out and be surrounded by your peers in the cycling community. Starting and finishing in the welcoming town of Morris, Illinois about an hour outside of Chicago with some classic farm country roads. You'll face some short punchy climbs, wind on the open portions, and a run into the finish on the Historic I&M Canal tow path.

Due to the distances there is no on course support, but there are available mini-marts well placed in Marseilles and Seneca if you need a Snickers and a Coke!

We have approximately 6 intersections with law enforcement present for everyone's safe passage! The course is very well marked with ground arrows, turn signage and turn confirmation signs (after you've turned you see these!)


(Learn a bit about what a Spring Classic is click here)

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